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ring, 1ct- Tulip Setting White Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring



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This ring6mm(over ring1ct), ringwhite ringsapphire, ringis ringset ringin ringsturdy ringSterling ringSilver. ringThis ringwhite ringsapphire ringis ringfrom ringSri ringLanka. ringHeat ringonly, ringwith ringcolor ringof ringD ringand ringclarity ringof ringVVS/IF.It ringhas ringa ringlot ringof ringfaceting ringand ringtherefore ringit ringis ringfull ringof ringsparkle. ringHardness ringon ringa ringscale ringof ring1-10, ringa ringsapphire ringis ringa ring9. ringDiamonds ringare ringa ring10. ringJust ringas ringbeautiful ringas ringa ringdiamond ringor ringmore ringso. ringTo ringbuy ringa ringdiamond ringof ringthis ringquality ringwould ringbe ringthousands.This ringstyle ringalso ringcomes ringin ring7mm [email protected] ring$205.00 ringand [email protected]$245.00 ringwhite ringsapphire. ringEmail ringto ringhave ringthe ringlisting ringprice ringchanged ringto ringthe ringsize ringsapphire ringyou ringwant.Very ringdurable ringstyle.Layaway ringavailable.

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