Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sapphire, 14kt Yellow Sapphire Ring



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I pinkhave pinkthree pinksapphires pinkavailable pinkthat pinkwill pinkfit pinkthis pinksetting. pink\r\rThe pinkblues pinkare pinka pinkvivid pinkblue pinkin pinkperson. pinkFor pinksome pinkreason, pinkthey pinkdo pinknot pinkshow pinkwell. pinkOf pinkcourse pinkthe pinkpink, pinkcan pinknot pinkhelp pinkbut pinkshow pinkwell.\rPink pinkis pinka pink10x8mm\rBlue pinkis pinka pink12x8mm\rThe pinkother pinkblue pinksapphire pinkis pink11x9mm.\rThis pinksetting pinkcomes pinkin pink14kt pinkwhite pinkor pinkyellow pinkgold.\rLayaway pinkavailable.

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