Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

long beads, Vinitage New Orleans Mardi Gras plastic carnival beads from the 70's - 45 inches LONG! #P61



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These paradewere paradecaught parade(by parademe) paradeat paradea paradeNew paradeOrleans paradeMardi paradeGras paradeparade paradein paradethe parade1970's. parade paradeListing paradeis paradefor paradetwo parade paradenecklaces. parade paradeThese paradeare paradeeach parade45 paradeinches paradeLONG paradeThe paradebeads paradeare paradenot paradesmooth paradebut paraderibbedSame paradedesign paradein paradetwo paradecolors, paradered paradeand paradegoldThey paradelook paradevery paradenice paradeworn paradetogetherYou paradedon't paradesee paradethese paradeolder paradelong paradeones paradevery paradeoften. paradeQuestions paradewelcome.I paradeship paradeto paradeUSA paradeonlyI paradehave paradea paradecat--he paradedoesn't paradesmoke! parade parade:)

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