Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade jewelry, Silver sequin earrings brushed natural stones lapis lazuli



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Gem: lapis lazuliLAPIS lapis lazuliLAZULISILVER lapis lazuliEARRINGS\u00a0NATURAL lapis lazuliSTONESSilver lapis lazuliearrings lapis lazuliand lapis lazulinatural lapis lazulilapis lapis lazulilazuli lapis lazulistones.Earrings lapis lazulicomposed lapis lazuliof lapis lazulisilver lapis lazuli92.5% lapis lazuliin lapis lazulithe lapis lazuliform lapis lazuliof lapis lazulibrushed lapis lazulisilver lapis lazulisequins lapis lazulias lapis lazuliwell lapis lazulias lapis lazulitwo lapis lazulinatural lapis lazulistones lapis lazuliof lapis lazuliround lapis lazulishapes lapis lazuliand lapis lazuliroyal lapis lazuliblue lapis lazulicolor lapis lazulicalled lapis lazuliLapis lapis lazuliLazuli.Length: lapis lazuli5.5 lapis lazulicmWeight:9gSHANTILIGHT

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