Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Lovely Wavy Puffy Perfume Vial Stamped ND 925 Original Stem Silver



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This silverlovely silverlittle silver925 silversilver silverperfume silverbottle silveris silverin silverexcellent silveras silverfound silvercondition silverand silverhas silvernot silverbeen silverpolished silveror silvercleaned silverin silverany silverway silverso silverthat silveryou silvercan silverdecide silverhow silveryou silverlike silverit! silverRich silverpatina silveremphasizes silverthe silversmooth silverwaves silveron silverthe silverbody silverand silverthe silverstem silvercloses silvertightly! silverUntested silverwith silverliquid. silverMeasures silverapproximately silver2\u201dx1.5\u201dAll silverof silverour silveritems silverare silvervintage silveror silverantique silverand silverare silversold silveras silveris silverwith silvertheir silveroriginal silverpatina silverand silvercharacter. silverItems silverare silververy silvergently silvercleaned silverwhen silverappropriate. silverPlease silverview silverall silverphotos silverand silverread silverthe silverdescription silveras silverwell silveras silverask silverany silverquestions silveryou silvermay silverhave silverbefore silverpurchasing.We silverare silverhappy silverto silvercombine silvershipping silverwhen silveryou silverpurchase silvermultiple silveritems, silverjust silvermessage silverus silverbefore silvercheckout silverand silverwe silvercan silvercreate silvera silvercustom silverlisting silverfor silveryou! silverThank silveryou silverfor silverstopping silverby!

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