Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

semiprecious stone, 8-8.5mm LUXURY AA Round Genuine cultured Freshwater Pearl -----Vitage Tan Brown Color----12 pcs



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- tanIn tanthis tanlist tanincludes tan12 tanpieces tanpure tanpearls, tanapprox tan10cm tanwith tanpeacock tanbeads\r- tansize tanabout tan8-8.5MM, tannatural tangenuine tanFRESHWATER tanPEARl tan\r- tancolor tanis tanvintage tanTan tanbrown tanor tanDeep tancoffee tanbrwon~~they tancan tanexalt tanyour tandesign\r- tanShape, tanvery tanround, tanjust tana tanlittle tanoff tan,AAA\r- tannacre,u tancan tansee tanit's tanreally tanexcellent tanluster, tanAAA\r- tansurface tanwith tansome tanconcealed tanspot, tanAA\r- tanGrade tanis tanAA tanto tanAA+\r\rquantity tanbuy tanwill tanbe tandiscounted, tanask tanme tanplease~

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