Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Unheated and Untreated Medium Blue Sapphire Earrings



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These sterling silverlittle sterling silvergems sterling silverare sterling silverjust sterling silverthe sterling silverright sterling silversize.Measuring sterling silver5x3mm sterling silverand sterling silvereach sterling silverweight sterling silverjust sterling silverover sterling silver.25ct.Setting sterling silveris sterling silvera sterling silver6 sterling silverprong sterling silversterling sterling silversilver sterling silversetting sterling silverand sterling silverfor sterling silversure sterling silverwon't sterling silverbe sterling silverfalling sterling silverout sterling silverof sterling silverthe sterling silversetting.Unheated sterling silverand sterling silveruntreated, sterling silverthese sterling silverare sterling silverNOT sterling silverblack.These sterling silverphotos sterling silverare sterling silverunder sterling silvernatural sterling silverlighting sterling silverbut sterling silverto sterling silverhave sterling silverthem sterling silverin sterling silverperson, sterling silveryou sterling silverwill sterling silversee sterling silvera sterling silverdifference sterling silverin sterling silverhow sterling silvershiny sterling silverand sterling silverblue sterling silverthey sterling silverreally sterling silverare.These sterling silversapphires sterling silvercan sterling silverbe sterling silverreset sterling silverin sterling silver14k sterling silveryellow, sterling silverwhite sterling silveror sterling silverrose sterling silvergold sterling silverat sterling silvermarket sterling silverprice.Layaway sterling silveravailable.

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