Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

QTY 5 - ARGENTIUM Fine Silver 1 Inch 22g Round Discsblanks, Highly tarnish resistantblanks, Whiter in colorblanks, and longer lasting shine



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High 22gquality 22gbeautiful 22gJewelry 22gbegins 22gwith 22gArgentium 22gsterling 22gsilver 22gsupplies! 22gArgentium's 22g935 22gand 22g960 22ggrades 22gset 22gnew 22gpurity 22gstandards 22gfor 22gsilver. 22gArgentium 22gis 22galways 22gpurer 22gthan 22gtraditional 22gsterling 22gsilver. 22gArgentium 22gsilver 22gis 22gbrighter 22gthan 22gplatinum, 22gwhite 22ggold 22gand 22gtraditional 22gsterling. 22gIt 22gis 22gthe 22gwhitest 22gof 22gthem 22gall...and 22gbecause 22git 22gcontains 22gvery 22glittle 22gcopper 22git 22gis 22ghighly 22gtarnish 22gresistant 22gand 22geasy 22gto 22gcare 22gfor, 22gand 22gsimple 22gto 22gclean. 22gI 22gstarted 22gusing 22gArgentium 22gin 22gmy 22gown 22gcreations 22gabout 22g12 22gyears 22gago, 22gand 22gI'm 22gso 22gglad 22gI 22gdid... 22gWhy 22gnot 22gtry 22gArgentium 22gSilver 22gfor 22gyour 22gnext 22gcreation! 22gGreat 22gfor 22ghand 22gstamping 22gand 22gall 22gother 22gjewlery 22gmaking 22gcreations 22gsuch 22gas 22gpendants, 22gcharms, 22gearrings, 22gnecklaces, 22gbracelets! 22gYou 22gwill 22greceive: 22gQTY 22gof 22g5please 22gsee 22gdropdown 22gfor 22gadditional 22gquanties.1 22gInch 22gFine 22gArgentium 22gSterling 22gsilver 22ground 22gdisc 22gblanks. 22gAdditional 22g 22gSpecifications:Specifications: 22gMetal 22gtype 22g: 22gArgentium 22gSilverKarat/purity 22g: 22g935Gauge/thickness 22g: 22g22 22gga.Dimensions 22g: 22g25.4mm 22g(1")Shape 22g: 22gRoundStyle 22g: 22gStampingMetal 22gcolor 22g: 22gWhiteCountry 22gof 22gorigin 22g: 22gUnited 22gStatesPlease 22gconvo 22gme 22gif 22gyou 22gare 22glooking 22gfor 22ga 22gsize 22gor 22ggauge 22gnot 22gpresently 22glisted 22gor 22gneed 22ga 22gwhole 22gdrilled.The 22gmetal 22ghas 22gno 22gapplied 22gfinish 22gtechnique, 22gready 22gfor 22gyou 22gto 22gpolish 22gor 22ghammer 22gas 22gyou 22gplease.Be 22gcreative! 22gBe 22gHappy!Argentium 22gSilver 22gMine 22gShop!!

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