Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist necklace, MidMod style laser-cut house necklace by Tiny Scenic



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Palm midcentury homesprings midcentury homestyle midcentury homehouse midcentury homenecklace midcentury homestyle midcentury homehouse midcentury homenecklace midcentury homeby midcentury homeTiny midcentury homeScenicOne midcentury homeof midcentury homefive midcentury homedesigns midcentury homefrom midcentury homeour midcentury home'Blueprint midcentury homeCollection' midcentury home- midcentury homeinspired midcentury homeby midcentury homethe midcentury homestriking midcentury home(and midcentury homesatisfying!) midcentury homelines midcentury homeof midcentury homearchitectural midcentury homedrawings midcentury homeand midcentury homemidcentury midcentury homemodern midcentury homedollhouses.The midcentury homenecklace midcentury homeis midcentury homemade midcentury homefrom midcentury homeperspex midcentury homeacrylic midcentury homeand midcentury homemeasures midcentury homeapproximately midcentury home10cm midcentury homex midcentury home3cm. midcentury homeYou midcentury homecan midcentury homechoose midcentury homebetween midcentury homewhite midcentury homeor midcentury homea midcentury homemint midcentury homegreen. midcentury homeThe midcentury homewhite midcentury homehas midcentury homea midcentury homeglossy midcentury homeon midcentury homeboth midcentury homesides midcentury homewhereas midcentury homethe midcentury homemint midcentury homegreen midcentury homeis midcentury homematt midcentury homeon midcentury homeone midcentury homeside midcentury homeand midcentury homeglossy midcentury homeon midcentury homethe midcentury homeother.The midcentury homenecklace midcentury homeis midcentury homeavailable midcentury homeon midcentury homea midcentury homesilver-plated midcentury homeor midcentury homegold-plated midcentury homechain midcentury homefine midcentury hometrace midcentury homechain, midcentury homewhich midcentury homemeasures midcentury home45cm midcentury home(18 midcentury homeinch) midcentury homeand midcentury homeis midcentury homesecured midcentury homewith midcentury homea midcentury homelobster-style midcentury homeclasp. midcentury homeYour midcentury homenecklace midcentury homewill midcentury homearrive midcentury homepresented midcentury homeon midcentury homean midcentury homeA6-size midcentury homeTiny midcentury homeScenic midcentury homeprinted midcentury homepostcard, midcentury homewith midcentury homespace midcentury hometo midcentury homewrite midcentury homeon midcentury homethe midcentury homeback midcentury homeif midcentury homeyou midcentury homeare midcentury homegiving midcentury homethe midcentury homenecklace midcentury homeas midcentury homea midcentury homegift midcentury home(postcard midcentury homedesign midcentury homemay midcentury homevary).

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