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spinel, 1.945CT Synthetic Loose Stone Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire Loose Gemstone



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1.945CT loose gemstoneSynthetic loose gemstoneLoose loose gemstoneStone loose gemstoneRound loose gemstoneBrilliant loose gemstoneCut loose gemstoneSapphire loose gemstoneLoose loose gemstoneGemstone loose gemstoneDescriptionColor: loose gemstoneMedium loose gemstoneDark, loose gemstoneSlightly loose gemstonegreenish loose gemstoneblue loose gemstonestone.Cut: loose gemstoneRound loose gemstoneBrilliant loose gemstonePhenomenon: loose gemstoneVitreous loose gemstoneLuster loose gemstoneRI: loose gemstone1.728Biref: loose gemstone.008SRPleo: loose gemstoneN/AMagnification: loose gemstoneSmall loose gemstoneTable. loose gemstoneLow loose gemstoneThermal loose gemstoneconductivity. loose gemstoneChip loose gemstoneat loose gemstonegirdle, loose gemstonenick loose gemstoneat loose gemstonetable, loose gemstoneSlightly loose gemstoneout loose gemstoneof loose gemstoneround.Color loose gemstoneFilter: loose gemstoneRedWeight: loose gemstone1.945CTDimensions: loose gemstone7.71 loose gemstone(avg)mm loose gemstonex loose gemstone5.42mm loose gemstoneAll loose gemstoneof loose gemstoneour loose gemstonestones loose gemstonewere loose gemstoneidentified loose gemstonewith loose gemstonea loose gemstoneGIA loose gemstoneGraduate loose gemstoneGemologist loose gemstoneand loose gemstoneare loose gemstone100% loose gemstoneAs loose gemstoneListed loose gemstoneIf loose gemstoneyou loose gemstonehave loose gemstoneany loose gemstonequestions loose gemstoneor loose gemstoneconcerns loose gemstoneplease loose gemstonefeel loose gemstonefree loose gemstoneto loose gemstonemessage loose gemstoneus loose gemstoneat loose gemstoneany loose gemstonepoint!Thank loose gemstoneYou!

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