Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leather, SALE! Abstract brass necklace with faux leather and pearls



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brass chokerbar chokerstatement chokerchoker chokernecklace. chokerThis chokernecklace chokerfeatures chokera chokerfaux chokerleather chokerpiece chokerunder chokera chokerbrass chokersheet chokeraccented chokerwith chokerone chokergrey chokerfreshwater chokerpearl chokerand chokertwo chokersmall chokerwhile chokerfreshwater chokerpearls. chokerThe chokerchoker chokeris chokerapproximately choker6 chokerinches chokerin chokerdiameter chokerand chokerthe chokerpendant chokermeasures chokerapproximately choker2 chokerinches chokerin chokerlength. chokerThank chokeryou chokerfor chokervisiting chokermy chokershop!On chokersale chokerfor chokera chokerlimited chokertime! choker$10 chokeroff chokernormal chokerprice!

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