Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

AAA Quality Yellow tiger eye Rondelle Faceted Beads 3 mm beadsmicro beads, Gemstone Strandsmicro beads, 13 inches long micro beads, Micro Faceted Beads



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Item smalldetailsYou smallwill smallget small1 smallfull smallstrand smallof small13 smallinches smallmicro smallfaceted smallYellow smalltiger smalleye smallrondelleProduct smallname smallYellow smalltiger smalleyeSize smallof smalleach smallstone smallin smalla smallstrand: small2.5mm smallto small3.00 smallmm smallLength smallof smalla smallstrand: small14 smallinches smalllong smallShape smallof smalleach smallstone smallin smalla smallstrand: smallMicro smallFaceted smallrondelle smallgem smallstonesMaterial: smallsemi-precious smallstones, smallCut small& smallpolished smallin smallIndia small100% smallnatural small& smallgenuineWe smalltake smallorder smallwork smallas smallwell. smallFeel smallfree smallto smallcontact smallfor smallpurchasing smallgoods smallin smallbulk.We smallare smallWholesaler small& smallmanufacturers smallof smallsemi-precious small& smallprecious smallgemstones, smallLoose smallGemstones smallBeads, smallCabochon,and smallSterling smallSilver smallJewelry smalletc.

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