Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

studs, 3-stone White Sapphire Earrings



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These 14k gold3 14k goldstone 14k goldGenuine 14k goldWhite 14k goldSapphire 14k goldEarrings 14k goldare 14k goldvery 14k goldclassy 14k goldand 14k golddiamond 14k goldlike 14k golda 14k goldwell.They 14k goldare 14k goldvery 14k goldsparkly.Set 14k goldin 14k goldsterling 14k goldsilver.These 14k goldearrings 14k goldcan 14k goldbe 14k goldmade 14k goldin 14k gold14k 14k goldyellow 14k goldor 14k goldwhite 14k goldgold 14k goldat 14k goldthe 14k goldmarket 14k goldprice.Each 14k goldsapphire 14k goldis 14k gold3mm=.11ct.That 14k goldmakes 14k goldeach 14k goldearring 14k goldweighing 14k gold.33tcw.Color 14k goldDClarity 14k goldVVS/IFOrigin: 14k goldCeylon 14k gold(SriLanka)Layaway 14k goldavailable.

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