Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

semi precious stones, Delicate Beaded Choker (6 Colors)



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Please silverwrite silverin silverhow silvermany silverinches silveryou silverneed silverthe silverchoker silverto silverbe.Each silverchoker silveris silvermade silverto silverorder silverso silverexpect silver5 silverbusiness silverdays silverof silverprocessing silverbefore silveryour silverchoker silveris silvershipped silver:)Chokers silverPictured: silverBlack silverchoker silveris silvermade silverwith silvercrystals silver& silvermetal silverclasps silverSilver silverchoker silveris silvermade silverwith silverglass silverbeads silver& silversterling silversilver silverclaspGold silverchoker silveris silvermade silverwith silvercrystals silver& silvermetal silverclaspsRed silverchoker silveris silvermade silverwith silversemi-precious silverstones silver& silversterling silversilver silverclaspWe silveralso silveroffer silverdifferent silvercolor silverbeads, silverso silverfeel silverfree silverto silverask silver:) silverPrice silvervaries silverdepending silveron silvertype silverof silvermetal silverclasp silverand silvertype silverof silverbead silver(semi-precious silvervs. silverglass silveror silvercrystal) silverEverything silveris silvercustomizable, silverso silverjust silverask!

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