Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow gold, Radiant Cut White Sapphire Engagement Ring Solitaire



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Set radiant cutin radiant cutsterling radiant cutsilver, radiant cutis radiant cut1.65ct radiant cutsapphire radiant cutis radiant cutgenuine radiant cutand radiant cutoriginates radiant cutfrom radiant cutSri radiant cutLanka.Rhodium radiant cutCoated radiant cutover radiant cutsterling radiant cutsilver radiant cutgives radiant cutit radiant cutlonger radiant cutlife radiant cutand radiant cutgreat radiant cutluster.Color radiant cutDClarity radiant cutVVS/IFEye radiant cutclean radiant cutand radiant cutexstremely radiant cutclear.Measures radiant cut8x6mm.This radiant cutring radiant cutcan radiant cutbe radiant cutmade radiant cutin radiant cut14k radiant cutgold, radiant cutwith radiant cutyour radiant cutpick radiant cutof radiant cutyellow radiant cutgold, radiant cutwhite radiant cutgold radiant cutor radiant cutrose radiant cutgold radiant cutat radiant cutthe radiant cutmarket radiant cutpriceLayaway radiant cutavailable.Made radiant cutto radiant cutfit.

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