Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift for her, contemporary multicolour round brooch handmade with recycled colouring pencils



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This wooden broochstatement wooden broochbrooch wooden broochis wooden broochmade wooden broochfrom wooden broochtwenty-four wooden broochdifferent wooden broochcolouring wooden broochpencils wooden broochforming wooden broocha wooden broochstriking wooden broochartist wooden broochcolour wooden broochwheel. wooden broochWe wooden broochuse wooden broochfactory wooden broochrejected wooden broochpencils wooden broochthat wooden broochare wooden broochthen wooden broochcut, wooden broochshaped wooden broochand wooden broochfinished wooden broochby wooden broochhand wooden broochin wooden broochour wooden broochlittle wooden broochstudio wooden broochin wooden broochthe wooden broochnorth wooden broochof wooden broochEngland, wooden broochwith wooden broocha wooden broochspecial wooden broochmatte wooden broochlacquer wooden broochto wooden broochseal wooden broochthe wooden broochcolour wooden broochlead wooden broochand wooden broochmaking wooden broochit wooden broochresistant wooden broochto wooden broochwater.Dimensions: wooden brooch5.7cmPlease wooden broochnote wooden broochthat wooden broochas wooden broochZincwhite\u2019s wooden broochpieces wooden broochare wooden broochall wooden broochhandmade, wooden broochyours wooden broochmay wooden broochvary wooden broochslightly wooden broochfrom wooden broochthe wooden broochpictures.

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