Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Victorian Amethyst 14k solid gold wreath pendant / broochsale, w. pearls. So pretty Multiusesale, Vintage Estate. February or June baby birthstone



In stock



Sweetest purple jewelryVictorian purple jewelrycombination purple jewelryBrooch/pendant14k purple jewelryYellow purple jewelrygold, purple jewelrysprinkled purple jewelrywith purple jewelrysmall purple jewelryseed purple jewelrypearls purple jewelryin purple jewelrya purple jewelryflowery purple jewelrygarland, purple jewelryaccented purple jewelryon purple jewelrythe purple jewelrybase purple jewelryby purple jewelrya purple jewelrylovely purple jewelrypinkish-lavender purple jewelryamethyst. purple jewelryThe purple jewelrybeauty purple jewelryof purple jewelrythis purple jewelrypiece, purple jewelryother purple jewelrythan purple jewelrythe purple jewelryobvious purple jewelryaesthetic purple jewelryqualities purple jewelryis purple jewelryin purple jewelryits purple jewelrydual-purpose.While purple jewelrybrooches purple jewelryare purple jewelrynot purple jewelryworn purple jewelryas purple jewelrymuch purple jewelryas purple jewelrythey purple jewelryonce purple jewelrywere purple jewelry(though purple jewelryI purple jewelrylike purple jewelryto purple jewelrythink purple jewelryI've purple jewelrynoticed purple jewelrya purple jewelryrevival) purple jewelrypendants purple jewelryand purple jewelrynecklaces purple jewelryare purple jewelryas purple jewelrypopular purple jewelryas purple jewelryever: purple jewelryA purple jewelryclever purple jewelryhinge purple jewelryand purple jewelrypivoting purple jewelrybail purple jewelryis purple jewelryaffixed purple jewelryto purple jewelrythe purple jewelrytop purple jewelryof purple jewelrythe purple jewelrycircle, purple jewelryfor purple jewelryit purple jewelryto purple jewelryhang purple jewelryon purple jewelrya purple jewelrychain. purple jewelryIt purple jewelrytucks purple jewelryaway purple jewelryneatly purple jewelrywhen purple jewelryworn purple jewelryas purple jewelrya purple jewelrybrooch.Diameter: purple jewelryapprox. purple jewelry1 purple jewelry/4"Weight: purple jewelryapprox. purple jewelry4.5gMarked: purple jewelry14k

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