Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

goldtone, Vintage Snowman Pin Brooch/ Metal /Silver Tone/ Gold Tone/ Copper



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Vintage gold toneHoliday gold toneSnowman gold tonePin gold toneBrooch. gold toneMetal gold tonepin gold tonemade gold toneof gold tonebrushed gold tonesilver gold tonetone, gold tonegold gold tonetone gold toneand gold tonecopper.Circa gold tone1990s.Marked- gold toneNone.Standard gold tonesafety gold toneclasp gold toneon gold toneback.Measures gold toneapproximately gold tone2 gold tone1/2 gold tone" gold tone(6.4 gold tonecm) gold tonelong gold toneand gold tone2" gold tone(5.1 gold tonecm gold tone) gold tonewide.Previously gold toneowned gold toneand gold tonein gold toneexcellent gold tonevintage gold tonecondition.CP291

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