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lampwork bead, Little Amanita Mushroom



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Little lampwork beadRed lampwork beadAmanita lampwork beadMushroomsAmanita lampwork beadmushroom lampwork beadbeads lampwork beadfor lampwork beadyour lampwork beadcreations lampwork bead23x14mm. lampwork beadPrice lampwork beadis lampwork beadfor lampwork beadone lampwork beadbead lampwork beadonly.Red lampwork beadtops lampwork beadwith lampwork beadwhite lampwork beaddots, lampwork beadbottom lampwork beadis lampwork beadwhite lampwork beadglass.Handmade lampwork beadby lampwork beadme lampwork beadin lampwork beadmy lampwork beadhome lampwork beadstudio. lampwork bead lampwork beadPlease lampwork beadcontact lampwork beadme lampwork beadif lampwork beadyou lampwork beadhave lampwork beadany lampwork beadquestions.Thank lampwork beadyou,Alyonka

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