Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

eye catching ring, Large OPAL GOLD Cocktail Ring with EMERALDS- Hallmarked- 14k - Natural Gemstones - Statement Jewelry - Workmanship - High Pronged Setting



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STUNNING oval gemsESTATE oval gemsCOCKTAIL oval gemsRING14K oval gemsYELLOW oval gemsGOLDFIRE oval gemsOPAL oval gemsand oval gemsEMERALDSGodessandco oval gemsis oval gemspleased oval gemsto oval gemsoffer oval gemsfor oval gemssale oval gemsthis oval gems oval gemsBeautiful oval gems oval gemsLarge oval gems1960's oval gemsestate oval gemsvintage oval gems14k oval gemsyellow oval gemsgold oval gemsOpal oval gemsand oval gemsEmerald oval gemscocktail oval gemsring. oval gems12 oval gemsround oval gemsemeralds oval gemsframe oval gems oval gemsthis oval gemsperfect oval gemsfiery oval gemsopal oval gemsin oval gemsa oval gems oval gemsraised oval gemsprong oval gemshigh oval gemssetting. oval gemsLooks oval gemslike oval gemsa oval gemslarge oval gemsflower. oval gems oval gemsA oval gemsstunning oval gemsmagnificent oval gemscombination.SIZE:8 oval gemsand oval gems1/2 oval gems(sizable)DIMENSIONS: oval gems25mmx oval gems21 oval gemsmm. oval gemsOpal oval gemsis oval gems17 oval gemsmm oval gemsx oval gems14 oval gemsmmWEIGHT:9.3 oval gemstotal oval gemsgram oval gemsweight

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