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14kt White Sapphireladies, Ruby and Sapphire Wedding Set



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This womensis womensa womensRadiant womensCut, womensheat womensonly, womensWhite womensSapphire womensfrom womensSri womensLanka. womens\rColor womensis womensD\rClarity womensis womensVVS/IF\rCarat womenssize womensis womens1.45ct. womensand womensmeasures womens8x6mm womensoval\rRuby womensand womensSapphire womensa womens3mm womenseach.\rAll womensgems womensare womensthe womenssame womensof womenshardness womensat womens9.\rDiamonds womensare womensa womens10. womens\rVery womenshard womensgems womensfor womenseveryday womenswear.\rHeat womensonly womensof womensWhite womensSapphire, womenshence womensthe womensclearness.\rWhy womenspay womensthousands womensfor womensa womensdiamond womenswhen womensyou womenscan womensget womensgreat womenscolor womensand womensclarity womensof womensa womensvery womensexpensive womensdiamond womensand womensthe womensnear womenshardness womensas womenswell.\rI womensdo womensoffer womenslayaway, womenswith womensno womensdeadline womensand womensno womensextra womensfees.\rCan womensbe womensmade womensin womensany womenssize.

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