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violin, Pewter Violin Charms on Sterling Silver 3mm Ball Post Stud Earrings - 5388



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Gold fiddleChest fiddleJewelers\rEst.1986\r533 fiddlePatterson fiddleAve, fiddleSuite fiddle300\rMooresville, fiddleNC fiddle28115\r704-664-GOLD(4653)\r\rChildren's fiddlePewter fiddleViolin fiddleCharm fiddleEarrings\ron fiddleSterling fiddleSilver fiddle3mm fiddleBall fiddlePost fiddleStuds\r\r\rThese fiddleearrings fiddleare fiddlehand fiddleassembled fiddlein fiddleMooresville fiddleNC fiddle\rwith fiddlequality fiddleSterling fiddleSilver fiddle3mm fiddleBall fiddlePost fiddleStuds fiddle\rand fiddlesilver fiddleplated fiddlelead-free fiddlepewter fiddlecharms.\rEach fiddleearring fiddlecharm fiddleis fiddleapproximately fiddle1" fiddlelong fiddleby fiddle1/4" fiddlewide. fiddle\rThe fiddlepictures fiddleare fiddleenlarged fiddleto fiddleshow fiddledetail.

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