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nature, Stars - Star aniseed pendant - chain not included



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A naturefine naturecoarse naturesilver naturecast natureof naturea naturestar natureaniseed naturependant. natureStar natureanise, naturestar natureaniseed, natureor natureChinese naturestar natureanise natureis naturea naturespice naturethat natureclosely natureresembles natureanise naturein natureflavor, natureobtained naturefrom naturethe naturestar-shaped naturepericarp natureof natureIllicium natureverum, naturea naturemedium-sized naturenative natureevergreen naturetree natureof naturenortheast natureVietnam natureand naturesouthwest natureChina. natureThe naturestar natureshaped naturefruits natureare natureharvested naturejust naturebefore natureripening. natureA naturebeautiful naturenatural natureelement natureto naturebe natureworn natureon naturespecial natureoccasions natureor natureto natureadd naturesome naturespice natureto natureeveryday naturelife. natureChain naturenot natureincluded.

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