Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

geometric flower, flower ring handmade with recycled artist pencils / adjustable / colour dots pattern



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This adjustable ringring adjustable ringhas adjustable ringbeen adjustable ringmade adjustable ringusing adjustable ringrecycled adjustable ringcolouring adjustable ringpencils. adjustable ringWe adjustable ringtake adjustable ringthe adjustable ringrejected adjustable ringpencils adjustable ringfrom adjustable ringthe adjustable ringfactory adjustable ringand adjustable ringcombine adjustable ringthem adjustable ringtogether adjustable ringto adjustable ringmake adjustable ringthe adjustable ringcolourful adjustable ringblocks adjustable ringthat adjustable ringwe adjustable ringcut adjustable ringand adjustable ringshape adjustable ringby adjustable ringhand adjustable ringto adjustable ringcreate adjustable ringthis adjustable ringunique adjustable ringand adjustable ringindividual adjustable ringpiece.Size: adjustable ring3cm adjustable ring\u2013 adjustable ring1 adjustable ring1/4\u201d adjustable ringdiameter adjustable ringapprox.Material: adjustable ringRecycled adjustable ringcolouring adjustable ringpencils adjustable ringon adjustable ringa adjustable ringsilver adjustable ringplated adjustable ringadjustable adjustable ringband.Please adjustable ringnote adjustable ringthat adjustable ringas adjustable ringeach adjustable ringring adjustable ringis adjustable ringhandmade adjustable ringby adjustable ringus, adjustable ringthe adjustable ringone adjustable ringyou adjustable ringreceive adjustable ringmay adjustable ringdiffer adjustable ringslightly adjustable ringfrom adjustable ringthe adjustable ringone adjustable ringin adjustable ringthe adjustable ringpicture.

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