Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

princess cut, 14kt W.G. Princess White Sapphire Engagement Solitiare Ring



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SO ringshiney...very ringhard ringget ringa ringgood ringpicture. ringBut ringhere ringit ringis.Set ringin ring14kt ringwhite ringgold ring4 ringprong ringsetting. ringCan ringbe ringmade ringin ringyellow ringgold ringalso.This ringis ringa ringSri ringLankan(Ceylon) ring1.96ct ringWhite ringSapphire. ringMeasures ring7x7mm ring ringColorless ring ringnormal ringheat ringonlyNatural ringSapphire.Color ringDClarity ringVVS/IFSapphires ringare ringnext ringto ringthe ringhardness ringof ringa ringdiamond.Diamond ringbeing ringa ring10 ringand ringsapphire ringbeing ringa ring9 ringon ringthe ringMohn ringScale ringfor ringhardness. ringSo, ringWhy ringBuy ringA ringDiamond?This ringhas ringall ringthe ringlooks ringof ringa ringdiamond ringfor ringa ringfraction ringof ringthe ringcost.Made ringto ringfit..This ringsapphire ringis ringnot ringwhite, ringit ringis ringvery ringclear. ringCan ringnot ringget ringany ringbetter ringthan ringa ring"D" ringcolor.Layaway ringavailable.

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